We as an employer

InnoLas Solutions stands for innovative laser technologies, customized plant and process solutions, and the highest quality and productivity.
Our company culture is based on teamwork, open communication and fairness.

10 good reasons for InnoLas Solutions as an employer

World market leader

We are an innovative, future-oriented and a global company with highly technologized products, processes and services as well as world market leader in wafer trimming, so you can be part of the best – Commitment to Excellence.

Safe workplace

Due to our industry, the competent and open company management as well as the steady development of our brand, we offer future-proof jobs.


Our outstanding corporate culture is characterized by genuine togetherness, because there is one thing we have understood here:
Only together can you achieve great things.


Our employees are given trust, autonomy and freedom from day 1, which allows them to develop to the maximum.

Fair remuneration

Due to our success, we are able to pay salaries above the market rates and are always looking for interesting benefits and attractive compensation packages, because only fairly treated employees are motivated employees: this is called give and take in the right balance!


The world is becoming more and more interconnected and smaller: through the different cultures and the cross-national activities, you can keep your foreign language skills and strengthen your horizons by working with the different cultures.

Equal opportunities

It is proven that collaboration between women and men provides the best results, as they can combine different approaches and strengths.


Our newly built company building is completely barrier-free and uncomplicated for people with disabilities to access independently.


The future for Germany: The majority of refugees who were accepted in Germany in 2015 are 25 years old or younger. The potential that these people bring with them can be an enrichment for German society and the economy.

One of the greatest challenges for the coming years is to open up individual educational opportunities for these children, adolescents and young adults in Germany and to integrate them into the labor market.

InnoLas Solitions is happy to offer the opportunity to gain a foothold in the world of the laser industry and to secure the future in Germany.


You can work with us in the way you are most productive. By organizing working hours individually (flexible working hours within a humane core working time), we allow our employees as much flexibility as possible. In this way, we aim to maximize creativity, concentration and physical and physical energy through working hours adapted to your biorhythms – so it’s a win-win situation.

„Commitment to Excellence Enlightens our Success!”

Working at InnoLas Solutions

Do you want to have your ideas heard, drive them forward and implement them on your own responsibility, work according to your biorhythm through a lot of flexibility and freedom, and all this in a team-oriented and agile atmosphere where we want to grow together?

People at InnoLas Solutions

Mahir Okanovic, development and application engineer at InnoLas Solutions in Krailling

His passion is lasers. He is constantly tinkering with his own innovations in order to be able to use the laser for sustainable purposes and cross-thematic projects.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our job offers

Photonics Systems Group is the holding company of InnoLas Solutions & L-TRIS Instruments. The administration is located in the core, i.e. under the Phontonics Systems Group. InnoLas Solutions and L-TRIS Instruments are independent companies and you apply for the respective company, but your application goes to the Holding/Group.

In our job database you will find our vacant positions.

Just choose what interests you. If you do not find a suitable position, you can always send us an unsolicited application. We will then check whether we can find a suitable position for you and contact you in a timely manner. You do not need to specify the contact person in your application, but it goes to the generic email to a whole team of Photonics Systems Group and is then forwarded to the respective contact person internally. After receipt and review of your application, you will receive a confirmation, in which you will receive the contact person for further communication.

Do not worry about it and choose the general form of address.

We work as a team and your application goes to the team. Once your application has been screened, you will receive a confirmation email with the appropriate contact person.

The most important thing is your resume and current references and what job you are applying for.

Our selection process consists of 3 stages:

  • The HR department will receive your application and forward it to the relevant department if a possible match is assessed.
  • If the department also evaluates the application as positive, we will invite you to a first interview to get to know you personally. We attach great importance to the human component and not only to the technical – because with the right attitude and motivation, you can learn everything with us! So this is about personal but of course also professional exchange.
  • If it fits on both sides due to personal and professional competencies, you are on board, if it does not fit, you will also get the feedback in a timely manner.

We will make every effort to respond to you within a 2 week window.

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