From the founding years to world market leader


The founding years of InnoLas: from service provider to plant manufacturer

  • January 1995: InnoLas is founded in Gräfelfing by Reinhard Kelnberger, Andreas Behr and Richard Grundmüller.
  • Original plan: Appearance as service provider for laser systems
  • Entry into micro material processing, especially wafer marking (codes, part numbers) and ceramic processing (drilling, scribing)
  • 1997: First machine order from the company Curamik, other large customers followed: Haldeman Porret, Reinhardt Microtech, Radeberger, BOSCH


Entry into the photovoltaic business & SiLas

  • 2003: Entry into the crystalline photovoltaic business (focus: and laser edge isolation).
  • First customers: Photovoltech, Q-Cells
  • 2005: Spin-off of SiLas (silicon laser) from InnoLas and sale of SiLas to Oerlikon Group


From InnoLas to the InnoLas Group

  • 2005: Foundation of InnoLas Holding
  • December 2008: Split of InnoLas into three GmbHs,
    • InnoLas Systems: Development, production and sales of laser micromaterial processing systems; focus on photovoltaics and ceramics
    • InnoLas Semiconductor : Development, production and sales of wafer marking systems and wafer sorting systems
    • InnoLas Laser : Development, production and sales of laser sources for scientific and medical applications.
  • October 2014: InnoLas Photonics founded under InnoLas Laser: development, production and sales of industrial laser sources.


InnoLas Systems: slump in photovoltaic business and diversification

  • Early 2010: massive overcapacity in the photovoltaic market
  • 2011: Peak sales of InnoLas Systems with ~ 40 million Euro.
  • Slump in photovoltaic business and development of a worldwide unique laser-based cutting technology for glass


Founding years of InnoLas Solutions

  • Spin-off of InnoLas Solutions from InnoLas Systems to manage the business in the photovoltaic and electronics sector
  • Sale of InnoLas Systems (today Corning Laser Technologies GmbH) to Corning
  • Markus Nicht takes over as managing director of InnoLas Solutions


From InnoLas Solutions to the Photonics Systems Group

  • May 2018: majority sale of InnoLas Solutions to CGS Management AG and foundation of Photonics Systems Group           
  • May 2019: Launch of the DIVIDOS platform for laser depaneling of printed circuit boards by InnoLas Solutions.
  • August 2019: Launch of the EXPEGO platform for laser drilling of printed circuit boards by InnoLas Solutions
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