Laserbohren für Leiterplatten
Via drilling sizes

PCB drilling with the laser from 15 µm in diameter

Flexibility, precision and speed

As a specialist in PCB processing, InnoLas Solutions offers individual solutions for drilling blind vias and through holes in rigid and flexible PCBs.

Micro vias with high aspect ratios and diameters down to < 15 µm.

Trepanning or percussion drilling with ultrashort pulse lasers for ideal process results in a wide variety of PCB materials, such as RCC, FR4, FR5, polymide, etc.

Advantages of laser drilling compared to conventional drilling method

Cost-effective, precise, fast

  • Non-contact process – no mechanical tool welding – no force applied to the material
  • Minimal heat load (no coolant required)
  • Freely selectable diameters (via) (smallest holes from 15 µm possible in areas difficult to access)
  • Low maintenance, servicing costs
  • No damage to the surface or underlying layers
  • Rework-free precision drilling
  • Cleanliness (no chips)
  • Small hole-to-hole distances can be realized
  • Freedom of material
  • Design freedom
  • Process stability
PCB Drilling
Laserbohren mit InnoLas Solutions

The economical solution from prototype production to large-scale production

Some companies shine with small-scale specialization and a well-coordinated team that operates within shouting distance. 

The quantities remain manageable, and accordingly the machinery is not overdimensioned to fill the halls. 

InnoLas Solutions also offers individual solutions for such companies, e.g. the LINEXO linear table machine

It is characterized by its compact and flexible design. This makes the LINEXO particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies in the electronics, semiconductor, and photovoltaic industries. 

Advantages of laser drilling using ultrashort pulse lasers

The ultra-short laser pulse is already indispensable for drilling various materials with high aspect ratios. Short pulses enable small vias, which allows smaller electronics to be realized. 

Already since the beginning of the 2000s, due to the ever-smaller electronic products, high-power ultrashort pulse lasers have been developed, which enable completely new processing methods with pulse durations in the femto- and picosecond range.

  • Strong localization of energy input
    Targeted use of nonlinear absorption mechanisms enables highly efficient processing of semiconductors and insulators such as silicon, glass, sapphire & ceramics 
  • No melt deposits
  • High material removal rates, as material is predominantly vaporized
  • Low heat losses – much higher lateral resolutions down to the sub-µm range 
  • Lateral resolution not directly related to heat losses 
  • No shock waves
  • No micro cracks
  • No delamination
  • No significant heat input

Laser drilling with laser machines from InnoLas Solutions

InnoLas Solutions is a leading supplier of laser machines for drilling through holes and blind holes and removing cover layer materials.

We supply the right machine for every processing and manufacturing process. A choice of laser options and different system features depending on the application, allows you to find the right balance between cost and quality for your laser drilling applications.

For both special applications and high volume production, InnoLas Solutions is the right partner. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect solution for you:

  • Laser sources: ultraviolet and green lasers with pulse durations in the nano and picosecond range.
    Degree of automation: stand alone or as part of a fully integrated production line (Industry 4.0 capable).
  • Hole sizes: Micro-vias with hole size > 15 µm.
  • Aspect ratio (depth to diameter ratio): 1.5 – 2. 
  • Materials: Metals, ceramics, copper in combination with FR4, FR4, FR5, polymide, etc.


High Speed Linear Table Machine


High Precision Laser Machine for Large Substrates

Frequently asked questions about PCB drilling with the laser

Laser drilling is a core competence of InnoLas Solutions. Short laser pulses with high power density are fired at the workpiece. The duration of the individual pulses is decisive for the drilling quality.

The material is ablated by the energy of the laser radiation – depending on the pulse duration – in various ways: it is melted, vaporized, or ionized. The greater the energy of a pulse, the more material is ablated.

Shorter pulse durations significantly reduce the thermal load on the workpiece.

During ablation, the volume of material in the borehole increases abruptly, creating a high pressure. This vapor pressure drives the melted material out of the borehole within a very short time without leaving any residue.

In mechanical drilling, the hole is produced by machining using a drilling tool with a defined cutting edge. Chips are produced which can contaminate or even damage the workpiece. The diameter and quality of the hole is linked to the diameter of the drilling tool and its wear, so different drilling tools are required for different diameters. This requires non-value-added tool changes and significant tooling costs due to limited tool life.

Laser-based drilling saves valuable setup time (changing the drilling tool) as well as tool wear of the drill heads. Due to the ablation of the laser process you get a nearly residue-free drill hole as well as a chip- and dust-free processing.

InnoLas Solutions has products and solutions in its portfolio that have the following process capabilities:
Drilling of through holes, drilling of blind holes, removal of cover layer materials.

The high flexibility of our laser drilling systems also comes into its own, especially for small batches!

The follow-up costs of conventional drilling rigs and tools (wear, setup times, material scrap, etc.) are noticeable.

In contrast, laser drilling rigs are wear-neutral, tie up fewer man-hours and increase your added value. In large and small series.

A clear advantage in competition and in your internal processes.

The heat-affected zone of a picosecond laser is much smaller compared to nanosecond or CO2 lasers.
Reason: shorter pulse durations and thus a “colder ablation”!
No particles of solidified melt fall back onto the workpiece: the material is vaporized directly and not melted first (as with CO2 lasers)
Energy loss in the form of heat is drastically reduced by direct vaporization, thus significantly increasing process efficiency.

Laser drillings with an ultrashort pulse laser generally have typical diameters of 20 – 500 µm. Depending on the requirements and laser drilling method, we offer drilling diameters down to 10 µm.

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