InnoLas Solutions GmbH develops highly efficient machine solutions for the photovoltaic industry from innovations in laser technology. 

For each process application, we select an optimal laser source and configure the optical path. Our powerful production systems achieve maximum throughputs in 24/7 operation. Optionally, we also offer smaller systems for pilot production or R&D. 

Due to the modular platform concept, each of our laser systems can be individually configured for the respective process application and designed as a stand-alone machine or for inline integration.

Crystalline solar cells

InnoLas Solutions is a leading supplier of laser systems for processing crystalline solar cells and offers system platforms for various applications:


Cell Cutting / Laser Direct Cleaving (LCD)

The laser process developed and patented by InnoLas Solutions for the direct cleaving of solar cells is the world’s most advanced cell cutting process.
InnoLas Solutions offers both a fully automated stand-alone system and an inline solution for integration into the cell or module line.

More information about cell cutting

Recommended machine types:: LUMION

perc / rückseiten-kontaktöffnung

PERC / Rear contact opening (LCO)

The PV Award-winning high-speed process from InnoLas Solutions, for the production of dashed line openings (dash pattern), achieves opening ratios comparable to those with dot openings (dot pattern). Losses in voltage and fill factor caused by insufficiently contacted dot openings are avoided. An optimized dash pattern achieves highest cell efficiencies.

Recommended machine types: LUMION, ULTAGO NX


Laser processes for back-contact solar cells (IBC)

Laser processes on IBC cells require very high positioning accuracy on the solar cell. High-precision image processing technology and patented calibration strategies from InnoLas enable the production of high-performance IBC solar cells. 
InnoLas offers tuned laser processes for contact opening of IBC cells. 

Recommended machine types:  ULTAGO NX

lfc zur folienmetallisierung

LFC (Laser Fired Contacts) for foil metallization

For foil metallization, an aluminum foil is placed on the back of the solar rows and, with the help of a laser, is selectively fired into the underlying silicon by forming an SiAl alloy. The protruding foil is then cut out.

Recommended machine types: ULTAGO NX


Laser Diffusion / Laser Doping (LDSE)​

The InnoLas Solutions laser process for LDSE (selective emitters produced by laser doping) achieves homogeneous energy distribution with the highest alignment accuracy of up to 10µm through a specially developed mask imaging process, with laser beam sizes from 100µm to 300µm. 

Recommended machine types: ULTAGO NX, LUMION 

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