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High Speed Laser Depaneling Solution

The DIVIDOS series meets all requirements for laser depaneling of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards and separates different materials extremely fast, stress-free and without residues. In the FULL CUT process (cut without webs), up to 300% more panels can be provided on a PCB and separated in this way, depending on the PCB design. Optionally, using a second galvanometer can up to double the throughput capability of the DIVIDOS. The laser which operates without physical contact and is subject to almost no wear, resulting in extremely low operating costs.

Performance benefits

  • With FULL CUT process (cut without webs), higher density of panels per printed circuit board
  • Free cut for complex contours (e.g. circle shapes)
  • Dedicated solution for PCB depaneling
  • High edge quality and less residuals
  • No carbonization
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Automatic camera calibration
  • Automated routines for reference runs
  • Automated vision system for precision alignment and scaling, offset, trapezoidal and rotation compensation


  • 2nd process head (scanner) 
  • InnoLas Postprocessor for CAD file transfer 
  • Exhaust system 
  • MES Interface 
  • Auto focus 
  • Integrated process metrology 

Technical data

High Speed Scanner

X-Y / Z

< ± 25 μm (± 0.984 Mils)

< ± 5 μm (± 0.197 Mils)

Substrate Size
18“ x 18“ (457 x 457 mm)

Rigid and Flex PCB

Image System:
InnoLas μVision

Windows 10; IoT


  • Fully and semi-automatic InnoLas Automation
  • Customized automation solutions
  • Stand Alone System and inline integration
  • SMEMA compatible with 3rd party automation

Laser processes

  • Laser Depaneling
  • Laser Ablation
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