Scribing printed circuit boards with the laser

Fast, flexible and without residues

Scribing is a process used to pre-separate printed circuit boards. Predetermined breaking points are created at the panel edges so that they can later be broken quickly and easily along the predetermined breaking point.

All printed circuit boards with a thickness of 0.3 mm to 2mm can be scribed.

Advantages of laser scribing

  • No mechanical stress or damage due to non-contact and vibration-free scribing
  • Increase yield: circuit reliability is significantly improved
  • Reduction of material usage through optimal utilization of benefits
  • Technical cleanliness of the cutting edge
  • Dust-free processing (through evaporation and extraction of the material)
  • Flexibility with regard to the variety of materials
  • Complex cutting contours without additional setup times
  • Carbonation-free: no burning of the material
  • Reproducible process quality through cross-machine and calibrated process parameters
  • Flexible level of automation: stand-alone or as part of a fully integrated production line

Scribing printed circuit boards with laser machines from InnoLas Solutions

InnoLas Solutions is the market leader in depaneling printed circuit boards of any material with a precision of up to +- 5 µm. With over 2,000 systems installed worldwide, we are the most successful company in the field of depaneling printed circuit boards.

We supply the right machine for every processing and manufacturing process. Choosing the right laser and selecting the right options in the machine catalog, allows you to find the right balance between cost and quality for your depaneling applications.

InnoLas Solutions is the right partner for both special applications and large series. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect solution for you:

  • Laser sources: ultraviolet, green and infrared lasers with pulse durations in the nanosecond and picosecond range
  • Substrate size: small and large working areas covering all standard formats up to 30 x 30 inches
  • Degree of automation: stand-alone or as part of a fully integrated production line (Industry 4.0-capable).


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