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Our service promise

Efficient, straightforward and, above all, professional! This is our service promise that we at InnoLas Solutions give our customers. With us, you are constantly benefiting from our experts’ years of experience.  

Even with the best technology, faults can occur during operation due to wear or incorrect usage, for example. It is important to reduce downtimes and therefore costs as much as possible.  

In order to serve our customers in a personalised fashion according to their needs, we have developed a special service portfolio by focusing on the following key aspects: 

  • Available 24/7 
  • Quick response times 
  • Optimal utilisation of technical possibilities 
  • Global service network 
  • Regular training of customer personnel and employees 
  • High availability of spare parts 
  • Innovative solutions according to customer needs 
  • Constructive customer communication 

Original spare parts

Be original, be InnoLas Solutions

We work exclusively with original spare parts. All spare parts meet InnoLas Solutions’ highest quality standards and guarantee that the value of your production facilities is maintained for a long time. We perform regular quality controls. 

Our internationally experienced service team will help you to identify the spare parts you need and ensure a smooth internal process. This makes it possible for us to guarantee that spare parts and components reach you immediately.


  • Highest product quality 
  • Reduction of system failures and maintenance costs 
  • Increased productivity through high system availability 
  • Provision of replacement parts even for older systems 
  • Extended system service life 

Remote Support

Border-free diagnoses

Our systems are now located on six of seven continents. Using remote control allows us to solve local problems quickly and cost-effectively. As a company, we endeavour to provide our customers across national borders not only with rapid troubleshooting but also with efficient problem solving.  

Our 24/7 remote support is the right contact for you: specialist experts analyse the problem together with your on-site technicians and provide qualified support in the event of a problem or system downtime.  


  • Access independent of location  
  • Real-time error detection and problem solving 
  • Cost and time savings in the event of a technical fault 
  • Direct and quick access to specialists 
  • Report option for future service calls 

Data goggles

Virtual communication

We are moving forward when it comes to providing a modern customer service. That is why we rely on cutting-edge communication technologies of the highest standard in order to interact flexibly with our customers. 

Quick diagnosis and easy communication: our data goggles connect your technicians directly with InnoLas Solutions’ experts. Simultaneous communication via audio and video means that the source of errors is identified more quickly, and downtimes are reduced in the event of a fault. In addition, the direct flow of information and the improved quality of information minimise misunderstandings such as ones that can arise, for example, as a result of language barriers.  


  • Shorter downtimes in production  
  • Improved system service life 
  • Prevention of service calls and thus costs 
  • High training effectiveness for customer personnel 
  • Several specialists work simultaneously on the troubleshooting 


Always up-to-grade

Are you using one of InnoLas Solutions’ older systems? That is not a problem at all, since our versatile upgrades allow even older systems to be adapted to current market requirements. For example, you can replace current wear parts with more durable parts of the latest generation and thus reduce your operating costs in the long-term. Within the scope of an upgrade, the latest technologies can also be integrated into your existing systems, thereby significantly extending their service life. 

However, our upgrades not only reduce your company’s maintenance costs or investment volume. In addition to an increase in efficiency, greater flexibility gives you an additional advantage over your direct competitors. 

Especially when entering new or changing markets, it is often a worthwhile investment to perform upgrades or switch systems, in order to keep running costs low. 


  • Lower investment costs compared to acquiring new equipment 
  • Faster availability compared to acquiring new equipment 
  • Safeguarding of system investments 
  • Low TCO 
  • Greater flexibility in production 


  • Extended warranty 
  • Combined service contracts / maintenance contracts
  • Increase in throughput 
  • Adaptation of the substrate size (M4, M6) 
  • Replacement of the laser source 

Training courses

Keep your employees motivated

Trained employees are essential. Not only are they more motivated, but their professional competence also means that they are better suited for overseeing the equipment allocated to them than untrained colleagues.  

Keep your technical personnel up to date with the latest knowledge through regular training courses and instruction in order to be able to react faster and more effectively to unplanned production interruptions and help minimise possible malfunctions. In the end, you will not only get the most out of your system, but also of your end product.  

During our training courses, the focus is always on the needs of our customers. In addition to various training courses for maintenance personnel or on system operation, InnoLas Solutions also offers personalised process training courses. Our service technicians carry out all training courses and instruction directly on the system at your site or alternatively in our in-house laser application centre. 


  • Trained and motivated employees 
  • Higher system availability due to trained specialist personnel 
  • Faster and more efficient maintenance work 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Process safety 

Training packages:

  • Servicing and maintenance 
  • System operation 
  • Troubleshooting and error identification 
  • Process training 
  • Laser safety training 


Modular service packages

According to individual needs

As an InnoLas Solutions customer, you can put together your own personalised service package from our portfolio according to your needs. Furthermore, you can adapt your desired services to your company’s current situation at regular intervals. In contrast to traditional service contracts, our modular service packages offer you the opportunity to act more independently and flexibly. 


  • Individually tailored service contracts
  • High flexibility  
  • Modules adapted to the system’s lifecycle  
  • Long-term reduction of operating costs 
  • High cost/benefit effect  


  • Service contract 
  • Maintenance and inspection 
  • 24/7 hotline 
  • Training courses 
  • Contingent for service technician visits 
  • Time allotments in the laser application centre 
  • Data goggles 
  • Remote support 
  • Upgrades 

Laser application centre

The next laser level

In our in-house laser application centre, crystalline solar cells, ceramic components, printed circuit board substrates and other brittle materials such as glass are processed with different applications. 

Equipped with various systems, high-end ultrashort pulse lasers, multi-axis tables as well as fixed and galvo-based beam delivery systems, the laser application centre makes it possible to conduct practical tests of innovative customer applications as well as employee training. 


  • Development cooperation 
  • Testing of customer materials 
  • Practical training 
  • Tests with different laser sources 
  • Cost saving

Maintenance and inspection

Only a maintained system is a long-term system

Regular inspections in accordance with specified checklists are used to document the current condition of your system and to avoid unplanned downtime through preventive measures.  

Based on the gathered knowledge, the maintenance of a specific system can be optimised. This helps to maintain system availability, allows necessary repairs to be planned for the long-term and in turn guarantees that the customer is able to reliably plan production. 

A system inspection can also be combined with additional training, the replacement of pre-determined replacement or wear parts or the optimisation of process parameters. 


  • Reduction of unplanned system downtimes 
  • Increased system availability 
  • Review of activities by technical experts  
  • Employee training in terms of maintenance 
  • Safeguarding of system investments 

Available 24/7

Always by your side

As a modern and innovative company, our service promise always extends to our availability as well. Our service desk receives your requests around the clock, seven days a week. Whether it is a question about replacement parts or technical problems, your request will be automatically saved in our ticket system and forwarded to the responsible experts. You can check the current status of your ongoing request at any time via the service desk . 

You can also reach us around the clock via our service hotline. Especially in emergencies that occur outside of normal working hours, you will receive professional and fast support here. 

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