Our unique offer for you:

Our unique offer for you - LINEXO single head picosecond laser machine with full equipment

At Productronica in Munich you have the unique chance: You get our high class LINEXO Single Head Laser with full equipment and our “Pulse-on-Demand” technology for a special price!

This offer is only valid for one single model – so secure it right away. Delivery is guaranteed before the end of December. Take advantage of the current government incentives for US manufacturers or invest your remaining budget in 2021.

LINEXO is THE laser machine for complex and smallest applications – from laser drilling to depaneling of printed circuit boards: Because it works particularly precisely and always delivers absolutely constant pulse energy to the sensitive materials. The laser’s precise processes are gentle on your materials and produce process qualities that you cannot achieve with conventional lasers. The LINEXO is particularly durable and there are virtually no maintenance costs. 

The best laser system on the market:
LINEXO single head picosecond laser machine.

  • Highest precision: Our LINEXO is +/- 5 μm accurate and even 2 μm in repetition – thus the most accurate system on the market.
  • Pulse-on-demand: The green picosecond laser emits very short pulses – depending on the speed. This creates uniquely precise results.
  • With the Pico Laser, the lasered materials vaporize instead of melting. The ablation is cold, not hot as with normal lasers. This prevents material damage.
  • The precise work of the laser means that material layers do not peel off undesirably.
  • Benefit from low follow-up costs: other machines on the market have maintenance fees averaging 20,000 euros per year. LINEXO’s laser sources are stable for many years.

Conventional laser: Wide cutting channel due to slowed down scanner but full laser frequency.

Best Laser Pulse Process: Perfect quality through absolutely constant energy input.

The LINEXO is unique on the market!

Conventional lasers always have the same problems: The laser pulses are sent to the material in the same rhythm and are not flexible in pulse frequency. The laser process accelerates at the beginning of a laser structure and slows down at the end. Conventional lasers are not adapted to this. The laser pulses continue in the same rhythm and hit the material. This burns the sensitive materials that the laser cuts. To correct this, companies slow down their laser systems. But even that produces unsatisfactory results, because the pulses in the middle of the process are now too far apart and don’t cut the material properly. Hitting the golden mean is virtually impossible with conventional lasers.

Best Laser Pulse process of LINEXO makes the difference

Experience the big difference of the LINEXO. The laser pulses remain at the correct distance throughout. Only the LINEXO achieves this through its ideally sophisticated combination of laser and scanner: The LINEXO controls the pulses of the laser depending on the speed of the laser on the material – in real time. This gives you an absolutely constant energy input. This makes the process insensitive and stable and ensures perfect quality.

The process is therefore much safer for the user of the LINEXO: the material does not burn and the cuts sit correctly. So the quality of the products is perfect throughout.

Best Laser Pulse Process

The LINEXO controls the pulses of the laser depending on the speed of the laser on the material - in real time. So you get an absolutely constant energy input. This makes the process insensitive and stable and ensures perfect quality.

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What applications does the LINEXO offer?

The LINEXO is a multi-purpose system suitable for a wide range of laser tasks. Use it for:

  • Laser Drilling
  • Laser Depaneling
  • Laser Scribing
  • Laser Ablation

LINEXO is also flexible in terms of materials: use the laser for ceramics, metal and silicon as well as for rigid and flex PCBs. 

Do you have any questions about the wide range of applications for LINEXO? We are happy to be there for you.

Why a green pico laser is so special compared to other laser sources?

Picosecond laser pulses are 1 million times shorter than the pulses of a typical CO2 laser, which is why the energy is compressed into a shorter time frame (15 megawatts of pulse peak power) – producing extremely high pulse energies.

The heat-affected zone of a picosecond laser is much smaller compared to nanosecond or CO2 lasers due to the colder ablation.

Material vaporization instead of melting avoids surface damage next to the drill hole and the material.

The shock waves of the laser pulses are attenuated in the green picolo laser. This prevents damage to the material such as delamination of interlayer and top layer copper.

Compatible and flexible

The LINEXO is a stand-alone machine: So you can use it already in its current state for your purposes. However, many extensions are also possible. Additional automations are possible immediately, but also afterwards – so you work even more effectively.

Expand the offered picosecond laser as needed:
A dual head with up to three sources is possible. 

More information and the data sheet can be found here

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